It was in northern Minnesota, where the crave for the antlers and hunting the pristine Northwoods was instilled in me. I grew up in a rural dairy farming area, but as time goes on, so does the topography and nature of the area.  Over the years I've noticed a lot of changes with the capacity of the surrounding area. The active dairy farms have now evolved into old farmsteads and the land has been converted to massive cropland.  The smaller farming towns have none-the-less disappeared and the lake country and tourist have taken over the communities. But don't be fooled there's still plenty of great hunting opportunities. 


Once I graduated college, I realized I needed to get back to my roots of the outdoors.  My parents early on, like so many other families were dairy farmers, but with the unbelievable foresight and God's Will my parents were able to see the future and become more entrepreneurial. With the dairy farms disappearing, my parents decided to take a leap of faith and enterprise into the hunting industry, where we are still going strong after 10+ years.  


Since college, I've been a part of an ever changing hunting industry from making Antler reproductions and repairs to being a part of the families whitetail deer farm. 

With the desire and passion for antlers being instilled in my soul, it's my responsibility to strive for success and be driven by my own adventures, if for nothing else, they will be my own great stories!




                                                            Make Your Own Adventure & Chase Your Dreams...